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We have partnered with O2 Reserve to support the conservation of their first natural reserve in Magdalena Medio in Colombia. Each WildLife Bracelet you purchase will be helping us to protect 5m² of native tropical rainforest.

The Collection


Inspired by powerful and fascinating animals, our WildLife Collection is a glimpse into the rich fauna found in our beautiful natal Colombia, bringing with it a bold mission between the lines.

We understand that supporting conservation and forest restoration can contribute to the mitigation of climate change and the reduction of deforestation in our country, generating a positive impact on endangered ecosystems and the way we, as humans, relate to our planet.

O2 Natural Reserve

6°34’39.76”N / 74°27’34.56”O

The O2 Nature Reserve is an area of 690 hectares located near the municipality of Puerto Berrio, in the inter-Andean valley of Magdalena Medio. This region is a geostrategic point of great economic, political and cultural importance, but above all, a critical area in the efforts to conserve a large percentage of Colombia's biodiversity.

At present, the O2 Nature Reserve area is divided into two distinct landscapes: some 480 hectares of native tropical forest with an incalculable variety of flora and fauna, which could potentially be in danger of disappearing if not protected, as well as about 210 hectares of grasslands, which are expected to be restored and reinforced in the coming years.

Why partner with O2 Reserve?

O2 Reserve works on several conservation programs for the undisturbed ecosystems found in its reserve, as well as on reforestation strategies for cleared areas previously used for agriculture and cattle ranching. These include the study of seeds that are native to the reserve, their collection and propagation, the collection of botanical material and the establishment of restoration hubs. The success of the O2 Reserve programs could mean an important contribution to the restoration and preservation of South America’s tropical rainforest -known as the “lungs of the planet”- and its exquisite biodiversity.


Under these principles, NATAL Colombia has decided to partner with the O2 Reserve and support the "One meter matters" programme, an initiative that seeks to conserve m2 of native rainforest and have a direct impact on the habitat of animals such as jaguars, blue-billed curassows, titi monkeys and manatees, all of the flagship species of our WildLife Collection 2022.


Home of at least four of our WLC22 flagship species.


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