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Embracing Colombia's vibrant heritage, Natal Colombia creates unique collections of handmade jewelry and accessories.

Our singular pieces are meticulously crafted through collaborations with independent artisans and small community businesses spread across diverse regions of Colombia.

Pilar Cendales
Founder & Director

Natal Colombia was founded by Pilar Cendales, a product and award-winning lighting designer who is deeply in love with the perfect imperfection of handcrafting. 

With Natal Colombia, Pilar explores the bridge between traditional craft and modern design, shaped by a multicultural living environment and her passion for digging into the story and profound meaning that objects can carry with them, mostly when connected with ancient cultures and long-lasting traditions.


As founder and dreamer, she envisions Natal Colombia as a social enterprise striving to empower Colombian artisans by giving visibility and recognition to their art, as well as opening market opportunities overseas.

Collaborations & Partners
Photography & Film

Mauricio Cendales - Photography Director / Photographer


Atanas Dimitrov - Photographer

Franceso Mayorga - Photographer

Hernán Avelino y Laura Amórtegui - Film direction


Christina Cabrales | Tucán y Limón - Illustration WLC22 


O2 reserve Colombia - Natural Reserve, Campaign WLC22

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