Dreaming on a brighter future for our country


Behind each of our unique finds, there is a story of empowerment, 
purpose and a rich culture worth sharing.

Colombia is one of the most diverse and electrifying countries on the planet. Despite the traumatic past, that for years hid some of the most breathtaking nature, stunning landscapes, and picturesque towns, Colombia’s vibrant and varied culture has stayed intact. 

Now, the opportunity to foster peace and shape a brighter future for our country has come. NATAL Colombia wants to contribute by celebrating and sharing with the world our precious cultural legacy, working side by side with those who keep the Colombian crafting traditions alive.

About Natal Colombia

Natal is Colombia's open window to the world.

A glimpse into the essence of our country and its people. A showcase where the traditional crafts of Colombia find a space to be discovered and appreciated, despite the distance and language barriers.


Natal Colombia strives to promote and preserve our varied crafting knowledge by partnering with the finest artisans from across the Colombian territory.


We encourage them to tell their stories through unique objects, infused with the memories of their origins and the culture of their people.


Natal Colombia is 100% local talent. Our name, a tribute to our natal homeland. The magical country where we - artisans, founders, and collaborators - have been born and brought up.


A land where inspiration comes shaped as landscapes and rich biodiversity. As a profound connection with the soil that touches our feet. Natal Colombia is our way of sharing with you what moves us.


We build direct relationships with our partners and clients based on transparency and honesty about what we do and believe. 
For us, the key to an ethical and conscious life lies in returning to the basics, a respectful synergy towards the world we live in.



unique objects

preservation of crafts 



ethically sourced goods
no middlemen involved


social impact

empowerment of artisans



materials, dyes and manufacturing processes

Our Artisan Partners

We work currently in close collaboration with 10 artisans groups, located in different regions of Colombia. Masters in diverse crafting techniques and unique backgrounds, our artisans bring to life our unique collection of pieces. 

Some of them belong to minorities and indigenous communities. Others to traditional craftsmanship associations and small workshops. All of them, deeply committed to their craft and environment.