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Care Guide

Each of our pieces is carefully crafted by hand in our artisans’ workshops in Colombia and some of them finished in our studio in Munich. Slight imperfections in colour, weave and finish make each piece unique. 

We use high-quality materials that will last if handled and maintained with reasonable care.

For additional care and travel-with recommendations, read on and find our notes about your specific piece below. 



Materials - Silk and embroidery threads, 14k gold-filled beads/tubes, waxed cord.


Silk is a natural fibre and it might take on a new colouration or look worn over time with extended use. To ensure long-lasting and bright colours, we recommend washing your armband only by hand, using a delicate detergent. Use a towel to soak up water and let it dry flat. 


To slow down the decolouration and oxidation process of the gold-filled beads and tubes, avoid contact with perfumes, skin oils and lotions, as well as to wet or moist conditions. 


When you are not using your bracelets, store them separately from other jewellery to reduce abrasion with other items.


Materials - Mawisa o Issi palm straw coloured with natural dyes or oil painting.

Our Wayuu straw hats are handwoven out of Mawisa palm, a natural and flexible fibre that is light, sun and heat resistant. However, they should never be rolled or soaked in water to avoid cracks or getting brittle once dry.

The cleaning process is simple. Just wipe down the hat with a soft, lint-free, tightly-woven cloth or try with a moist facial or baby wipe.

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