Xiegua Bracelet Single 4 | aqua, old-gold and shadow-green

Xiegua Bracelet Single 4 | aqua, old-gold and shadow-green

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Our XIEGUA single bracelet displays an interesting watery optical effect through a wavy pattern in aqua, old-gold yellow, shadow-grey and touches of gold.

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  • HANDMADE in Manizales, Colombia

    Artisan: AZUA TELAR

    Incredibly slim and fine, our silk armbands are handwoven entirely by hand. The exquisite patterns and colours displayed in each piece are designed to give a luxurious but subtle touch to any outfit. 

    Each piece takes up to 4 hours to be woven, using a mixture of silk and embroidery threads. The artisans behind this work are the master weavers Dorotea Giraldo and Ricardo Gómez, who practice an ancient weaving technique known as Tablet Weaving Loom. 

    We produce just a couple of units per design, making each of these almost a one-of-a-kind piece.

  • The XIEGUA Design

    Just like water irrigating the Highlands of Cundinamarca and Boyaca, our Xiegua bracelets display a powerful and fluid woven motif that makes us flow into a vibrant blend of colourful waves.

    Xiegua was the Muisca expression for Agua entre Colinas (water between hills), where Xie stands for water and Gua for mountains.

    Like all our 4 mm bracelets, they are thought to be worn as a single piece as well as paired or grouped with our other silk armbands or beaded pieces. 


    Materials - 64 silk threads, metallic embroidery thread, gold-filled beads, waxed cord.

    Size - W0,4cm x L16cm, adjustable

    CareTo ensure long-lasting an