Yellow Macuira Hat Lifestyle Wayuu Top View

Ultra-lightweight and textured straw hat directly from the tropics.
Long brim, yellow

Macuira Sun Hat - Yellow

80,00 €Price

    Shine like the sun! Its yellow and natural stripes are a sign of craftsmanship perfection. We highly recommend to pair it with our Lluvia pom poms, a unique piece composed by a black band and circling tassels, making of our Macuira yellow sun hat a doubtless statement piece.

    The straw hats are hand-braided in small batches by artisans of the Wayuu tribe, featuring geometric patterns typical from their culture. The Wayuu weave flat yarns of Mawisa or Isii straw bands, sourced from a local palm growing in the only green spot of La Guajira peninsula using the traditional weaving technique known as Sarga.

    Each hat is hand-crafted by Gary González and take up to one day to complete.

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