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Inspiration for the Quimbaya
- available as a triplet, single 4mm & single 8mm -

  • Bufeo Rosado: The mysterious warrior of the Amazon

    Amazon river dolphin / Amazonasdelfin / Inia geoffrensis
    Conservation status: CR - Critically Endangered

    Locally known as boto, bufeo or pink river dolphin, it is the largest of the river dolphins. In Colombia, they live in the Amazon and Orinoco rivers basins. They are less shy and curious than their sea cousins and have a remarkable lack of fear of foreign objects. The texture of the body is tough and strong but flexible, and its colour varies with age, ranging from dark to light grey, turning solid or mottled pink in adulthood.

    In the worldview of the indigenous peoples of the Amazonian trapezoid, in a world dominated by water, the pink dolphin reigns: an elusive, enigmatic, intelligent and coveted creature.

    According to the legends of the Cocama ethnic group, the Yakurama, as they call him, was a talented young indigenous warrior who, envied by a god, was turned into a dolphin. He returns at times of festivals and dances, dressed in white and wearing a hat, in search of women who will fall in love with him.

    Dolphins are important indicators of the health of the rivers they live in, which are also the lifeblood of huge economies and hundreds of millions of people. However, factors such as pollution, dams, shipping and bycatch have taken their toll on this iconic species.

  • 1 WL bracelet = 5m² of tropical rainforest

    Our WildLife Collection brings along an important mission: 

    For each WildLife Bracelet you purchase, we will be helping O2 Reserve to protect 5m² of native tropical rainforest in Magdalena Medio in Colombia.
    More information here.

    100% handmade by artisans in Colombia
    Once again, the geniality of Dorotea and Ricardo from Azua Telar shines through their excellent and fine handwork that represents the beauty of our flagship animals in these 100% hand-woven bracelets. 

    Packaging to keep forever
    Our collection would not be complete without the illustrations of Christina, from tucán y limón. | paper goods for nature lovers.

    Original idea & head behind the project
    Pilar Cendales, founder and director of Natal Colombia



    Single 4mm: W0,4cm x L16cm, adjustable
    Single 8mm: W0,8cm x L16cm, adjustable
    Triplet 4mm: W0,4cm x L60cm, adjustable

    Single 4 & Triple: 64 silk threads, metallic embroidery thread, gold-filled tubes, waxed cord.
    Single 8: 120 silk threads, metallic embroidery thread, black coated beads, waxed cord. (can be delivered with gold-filled tubes under request)

    CareTo ensure long-lasting and bright colours, we recommend washing your armband only by hand, using a delicate detergent. Use a towel to soak up water and let it dry flat.

    Don't forget to visit our Care Guide by clicking here