Cocora Triple Bracelet | mustard on space-blue

Cocora Triple Bracelet | mustard on space-blue

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Our Cocora triple bracelet is a wrap version of our signature 4 mm bracelet displaying our famous valley & mountains design in mustard-yellow and space-blue.

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  • HANDMADE in Manizales, Colombia

    Artisan: AZUA TELAR

    Incredibly slim and fine, our silk armbands are handwoven entirely by hand. The exquisite patterns and colours displayed in each piece are designed to give a luxurious but subtle touch to any outfit. 

    Each piece takes up to one day to be woven, using a mixture of silk and embroidery threads. The artisans behind this work are the master weavers Dorotea Giraldo and Ricardo Gómez, who practice an ancient weaving technique know