Caramanta Silk Eyewear Strap

This sunglasses strap is made with the tablet weaving loom technique in a multi-colored geometric design.

Colour: Blue, white and black.

Caramanta Silk Eyewear Strap

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  • Our eyewear retainers are sewn and assembled entirely by hand by the artisan Ricardo Galindo and his partner at their workshop in Manizales, using vintage-style hardware and certified organic silk thread. For this series Ricardo was inspired by the outstanding view of the Serrania del Tatama, easily to spot from his window. 


    About the Tablet Weaving Loom technique

    This is an artisanal technique inherited from Europe during the colonial times, where tablets or cards are used to create the shed through which the weft is passed.

    • Handmade


    Production time: 2 - 3 hours

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