Bachué Bracelet Single 8 | shades of pink and white

Bachué Bracelet Single 8 | shades of pink and white

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This 8 mm bracelet features a unique combination of our BACHUÉ and CHÍA patterns. Straight lines turn into soft waves of pink tones with white and silver details.

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  • HANDMADE in Manizales, Colombia

    Artisan: AZUA TELAR

    Incredibly slim and fine, our silk armbands are handwoven entirely by hand. The exquisite patterns and colours displayed in each piece are designed to give a luxurious but subtle touch to any outfit. 

    Each piece takes up to one day to be woven, using a mixture of silk and embroidery threads. The artisans behind this work are the master weavers Dorotea Giraldo and Ricardo Gómez, who practice an ancient weaving technique known as Tablet Weaving Loom. 

    We produce just a couple of units per design, making each of these almost a one-of-a-kind piece.

  • The BACHUÉ Design

    Our Bachué bracelets are a celebration of fertility and balance. A design full of symmetrically placed dots of life that emerge from still waters and spread out like a series of colourful, vivid waves on a smooth canvas. 

    The Bachué series honours the Muisca goddess of fertility and mother of humanity. She emerged from the waters of the Iguaque lagoon with her future husband in her arms, with whom she populated the Earth. Legend has it that after fulfilling the goal of giving birth to humanity, Bachué and her husband turned into snakes and returned to the sacred lagoon.

    Let Bachué bring colour to your life. Wear it as a single piece or paired it with other of our unique armbands.


    Materials - 120 silk threads, metallic em